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SHINAZY – Founder and Storyteller

To dream perchance to . . . write.



Dreaming one thing, doing another.  How often is this the case?  Now, it no longer needs to be. 

As a young girl I lay awake writing stories in my head.  Where would I publish them?  Where are these stories now?


A Storytelling Place is the place for today’s young writers to publish their stories.  To see their dream come true.  To tell the world, “Look, I wrote this.” 

This website will provide the path that can lead to a fulfilled future, to realized dreams. 

I write these words because my grandmother told me, ‘You can do anything you work at doing.  Dream, then go and do it.”

Let’s do this together … let’s tell your tale.



ITShinazy  made me do this   😉


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